Milkweeds (Asclepias species) are getting a lot of attention these days since they are the only larval host plants for the threatened Monarch Butterfly.   As you may know, butterfly caterpillars have a different diet than their adult counterparts.   Most caterpillars eat plant parts, usually leaves.  Monarch caterpillars only eat the leaves of milkweeds.

The Xerces Society, a non-profit leader in protecting invertebrates and their habitat, recently published a very useful resource, Milkweeds: A Conservation Practitioner’s Guide.  This 156 page work by Brianna Borders and Eric Lee-Mader, examines the biology and ecology of milkweeds, the insects they support, information on propagation and seed production, advice for including milkweeds in habitat restoration, and more.

The authors reinforce the now commonly held

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