Some of our most ecologically powerful native plants are the ones we never plant!   It’s time for a change, if we really want to make a difference to our environment.

Often considered a “weedy tree”, our native Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) is an extraordinarily valuable plant in nature.   Native to most of the Eastern half of the U.S., Black Cherry offers nectar and pollen to native pollinators and honey bees.  The small red or black fruits are a favorite food of more than 40 species of birds, not to mention, many mammals.

Black Cherry also serves as the host plant for an amazing array of butterflies and moths – more than 450 species, including: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Cherry Gall Azure, Viceroy, Columbia Silkmoth, Promethea Moth, Small-eyed Sphinx Moth, Wild Cherry Sphinx Moth, Banded Tussock Moth, Band-edged Prominent, Spotted

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