Our 4,000 native bee species in the United States fall into one of two categories – pollen generalists and pollen specialists. Generalist bees are the majority, accounting for 80% of all bee species. It is their good fortune to be able to forage on many different native plant species, and often on a number of non-native plants.  The European Honey Bee (non-native, of course) is also a forage generalist.

For the other 20% of our native bees, it’s slim pickings for forage sources. Specialist bees rely upon just a handful of native plant species, with some bee species dependent upon a single plant species. Does it matter what you plant in your landscape? It certainly does to a specialist bee!

Specialist bees emerge from their nests when their specific forage plants begin to flower. The relationship is sometimes interdependent – the bee relying

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