Now that fall is here, is your landscape in good order?  Following some simple steps can prevent or lessen the impacts of a harsh winter, and lay the groundwork for best results in the spring.

1) If you have plants to be planted, get busy.  Newly-planted plants should be in the ground 6 to 8 weeks before hard frost occurs.  Most plants do well with fall planting, but wait until spring to plant broad-leaved evergreens, like Rhododendrons, and some spring-blooming trees, like Magnolias.

2) If you have plants to be moved or divided, the season of bloom will be your determining factor.   Spring and early summer bloomers are best moved in the fall; late summer and fall bloomers are best moved in the spring.

3) Water any newly-planted plants until hard frost occurs (if at all in your area).  You want these plants to go into winter as healthy as

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