About EcoBeneficial


EcoBeneficial! is a horticulture communications and consulting company founded by Kim Eierman.  The company is dedicated to improving our environment by promoting ecological landscaping and the use of native plants.

Many of our traditional gardening and landscaping practices have contributed to unhealthy ecosystems.  The American love affair with exotic turf lawns is just one example of how we have compromised our environment, the environment that we humans depend upon.  At EcoBeneficial!, we think that it is time to think and act differently in our landscapes!

Through blogging, videos, podcasts, public presentations, freelance writing, and consulting, EcoBeneficial! empowers homeowners, seasoned gardeners and green industry pros to make dramatic, positive impacts on the environment.  Simple changes can make huge differences.  It all starts with an ecosystem approach.

Please enjoy the EcoBeneficial! website and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or for speaking engagements.

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