About EcoBeneficial


Filling a Need

EcoBeneficial LLC is a horticulture communications and consulting company founded by Kim Eierman.  The company was created to change the way in which we think about and manage our landscapes.

With natural areas rapidly diminishing, species declining at historic rates and climate change dealing new blows to environmental health, our managed landscapes have never been more important. Unfortunately, many of our traditional gardening and landscaping practices have contributed to unhealthy ecosystems. The American love affair with exotic turf lawns is just one example of how we have compromised the environment we depend upon.

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Modernizing Our Practices

At EcoBeneficial we think that it is time to think and act differently in our landscapes.  Simple changes in our landscaping practices can make major environmental improvements - no matter the size of the landscape.

EcoBeneficial offers educational online content - articles, videos and podcasts,  a variety of services  - presentations, classes and workshops, as well as horticultural consulting and landscape design for homeowners, corporations, municipalities and landscape architects.

Doing Your Part

Become an ecological steward with inspirations from EcoBeneficial!  Small changes can make huge differences.  It all starts with an ecosystem approach.

Please enjoy the EcoBeneficial website and feel free to contact us to inquire about services and subscribe to our occasional updates.

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