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Planting in the Dog Days of Summer?

The hot and humid days of summer are certainly not ideal for planting, but you can plant in summer with some special care and vigilance, if conditions allow. Maybe you just found a fantastic plant you have been looking for, or, perhaps you didn’t get around to planting some native…

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“Looking for Mr. Goodbar” – The Quest to Find Male Native Plants

While searching for native plants for clients this season, I have once again encountered the annoying challenge of trying to find male pollinators for female plants when plants are dioecious (male and female plants). Conventional nurseries and native nurseries alike often fail to deliver the goods. It’s a serious problem…

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My Brugmansia: A Native Plant Geek Goes AWOL

It started innocently enough. While volunteering at a plant sale held by Lasdon Park, a local arboretum, I spotted a dozen or so lanky, young Brugmansias for sale. The plant-loving staff, had scored these tropical wonders, offering them for sale amid a treasure trove of native and ornamental trees and shrubs.…

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Plant-Smart & Water-Wise: The Art of Sustainable Watering

During the hot, dry days of summer you may feel the urge to pull out the garden hose and water everything in sight.  Perhaps you have an in-ground sprinkler system that does the job for you, often running on a timer, watering whether irrigation is needed or not.  According to…

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Where Are the Bees, Butterflies and Other Insects? Facts & Tips

From individual observations to published research, the situation seems clear – insect populations are declining across the globe. It’s a crisis that gets little play in the media, surpassed daily by “news” of unhinged political tweets or the latest Kardashian romance. Anecdotal evidence is abundant – recent posts on NABA Chat…

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Going Beyond Sustainability: The Essentials of EcoBeneficial Gardening

Spring is just around the corner. A late season snowstorm might sneak in, or perhaps we’ll jump right into to a string of unseasonably warm days. With climate change, the timing of spring is increasingly hard to predict. Don’t let the growing season catch you by surprise this year. Start…

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