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Kim Eierman

Kim Eierman

Kim Eierman created EcoBeneficial LLC to show how simple changes in our landscapes can make huge environmental improvements. Through horticultural consulting, ecological design with native plants, teaching, speaking and writing, Kim and EcoBeneficial want to change our world.


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The Pollinator Victory Garden

Learn how to win the war on pollinator decline with Kim Eierman's book.

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Cullowhee Native Plant Conference
July 21, 2022
“The Pollinator Victory Garden: Win the War on Pollinator Decline with Ecological Gardening"

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7 EcoBeneficial Tips for Planting Native Trees this Fall


Fall is a fantastic time to plant many trees.   In most parts of the country, the warm days and cool nights of autumn favor healthy root development before winter arrives.   Choosing appropriate plants and using proper planting methods are critical to your planting success and to the long-term health of…

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Spotlight on Native Grasses


Native grasses are important components to many ecosystems – and they are beautiful too!  Whether you are replacing turf grass, enhancing perennial borders or creating a meadow or meadowscape, native grasses are ecological workhorses.  Learn more in the short EcoBeneficial video with Kim Eierman.

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Milkweed Seeds

Is Fall Seeding Sucessful With Natives?

Ask EcoBeneficial!

Question: Does fall seeding work with native perennials and grasses? I’m in NJ. Answer: Seeding is a very economical way to grow native plants. Although most seeding is typically done in the spring, fall seeding can be quite successful, if you keep a few things in mind. Not all seeds…

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Remembering a Great Naturalist: A Toast to Carol Gracie


This past fall we lost one of the great naturalists of the Northeast, Carol Gracie.  Carol was not just a naturalist, but a botanist, photographer, lecturer, and author of four fantastic books:  Summer Wildflowers of the Northeast, Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast, Florapedia, and Wildflowers in the Field and Forest:…

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Pollinator Decline

The Pollinator Victory Garden Book

Pick up a copy of Kim Eierman’s book The Pollinator Victory Garden and learn how to win the war on pollinator decline with ecological gardening.


Pollinator Victory Garden Buzz

Peter Nelson

Director of The Pollinators, filmmaker and beekeeper

"The Pollinator Victory Garden is a book for these times. Kim Eierman empowers readers with ideas, direction and the inspiration they need to create beautiful and eco-friendly habitats for many different pollinators. Creating healthy, diverse and chemical free habitats are essential steps in solving pollinator decline and The Pollinator Victory Garden guides you towards creating your own lovely garden habitat."

Dr. Douglas Tallamy

Author of Bringing Nature Home and Nature’s Best Hope, co-author of The Living Landscape, and professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, University of Delaware

"Leave it to Kim Eierman to come up with a unique call to action - one that worked in the past when our society was threatened by war, and one that will work again to defeat the very real threat of pollinator declines. Kim has thought of everything with a truly comprehensive guide to improving the lot of our pollinators at home. Make a Pollinator Victory Garden and join the effort to save our most essential creatures!"

Bill McKibben

Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Co-founder

"God knows pollinators need every edge we can give them — and this book will tell you precisely how to use your patch of land, however small, to make a real difference!"

Phyllis Stiles

Founder, Bee City USA®

"With so many pollinator species at risk around the globe, The Pollinator Victory Garden could not be more timely. Please put this thoughtful, easy-to-read book to use in making your own yard a haven for pollinators."

Nancy Lawson

Author of The Humane Gardener: Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife

"If everyone followed Kim Eierman’s advice, our pollinator crisis would be solved. Her detailed, compassionate book provides actionable steps for helping not only much-loved garden visitors like butterflies and bees but also the less appreciated beetles, flies and other pollinating creatures. Her well-written, beautifully illustrated book is a call to action: if creating a victory food garden for humans was a patriotic act during World War II, then creating a victory garden for pollinators is an equally important citizen duty today."

Carol Capobianco

Director, The Native Plant Center

"Read this book as if your life depended on it — and it does: No pollinators = no plants = no people. Kim Eierman turns the table on the dismaying facts about pollinators by offering positive steps each of us can take to make a difference. Her passion shouts: “gimme a V…” — or, more aptly “gimme a Bee"."

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