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Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast
by Carol Gracie

Spring Flowers of the Northeast

Wildflowers in the Field and Forest
by Carol Gracie


Farming with Native Beneficial Insects
by Eric Mader et al.

Pollinators of Native Plants
by Heather Holm



A Place for BatsA Place for Birds
A Place for FishA Place for Frogs
A Place for TurtlesA Place for Butterflies
Under the SnowWritten by Melissa Stewart
Donated by Peachtree Publishers


What’s That Bird?  by Joseph Choiniere & Claire Mowbray Golding
The Bird Watching Answer Book by Laura Erickson
Latin for Bird Lovers by Dr. Roger Lederer & Carol Surr
Birdfeeders Shelters & Baths by Edward A. Baldwin
Into the Nest by Laura Erickson & Marie Read


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