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(Oregon, Washington)
Notes on Using Plant Lists
  • Use plants appropriate to your landscape conditions, emphasizing plants that are native to your region.
  • Species may vary based on region.
  • Remember that plant diversity is crucial – not all pollinators use every plant.
  • Reference these lists in combination with other recommended resources to select the best possible pollinator plants for your Pollinator Victory Garden.
Native Perennials & Biennials

Allium spp. (onions)
Aquilegia formosa (western columbine)
Asclepias spp. (milkweeds)
Camassia quamash (common camas)
Castilleja miniata (indian paintbrush)
Clarkia spp. (clarkias)
Erigeron spp. (fleabanes)
Fragaria spp. (strawberries)
Limnanthes spp. (meadowfoam)
Lupinus spp. (lupines)
Mentha arvensis (wild mint)
Monarda spp. (bergamot, pony bee balm)
Oenothera spp. (evening primroses)
Penstemon spp. (beardtongues)
Phacelia spp. (phacelia, scorpionweed)
Phlox diffusa (creeping phlox)
Potentilla spp. (cinquefoils)
Sidalcea spp. (checkerblooms)
Solidago spp. (goldenrods)
Symphyotrichum spp. (asters)

Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

Acer macrophyllum (big-leaf maple)
Amelanchier alnifolia (Saskatoon serviceberry)
Arctostaphlos spp. (manzanitas)
Baccharis pilularis (coyotebrush)
Ceanothus spp. (ceanothus)
Crataegus spp. (hawthorns)
Gaultheria shallon (salal)
Holodiscus discolor (ocean spray)
Lonicera hispidula (hairy honeysuckle)
Mahonia spp. (Oregon grape, barberries)
Malus fusca (Pacific crabapple)
Physocarpus spp. (ninebarks)
Prunus spp. (cherries, plums)
Ribes spp. (currants, gooseberries)
Rosa spp. (roses)
Rhus glabra (smooth sumac)
Rubus spp. (raspberries)
Salix spp. (willows)
Spiraea spp.(spiraea)
Symporicarpos occidentalis (western snowberry)
Vaccinum spp. (huckleberries, blueberries, cranberries)

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