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(Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana)
Notes on Using Plant Lists
  • Use plants appropriate to your landscape conditions, emphasizing plants that are native to your region.
  • Species may vary based on region.
  • Remember that plant diversity is crucial – not all pollinators use every plant.
  • Reference these lists in combination with other recommended resources to select the best possible pollinator plants for your Pollinator Victory Garden.
Native Perennials & Biennials

Asclepias spp. (milkweeds)
Baptisia spp. (wild indigos)
Chamaecrista fasciculata (partridge pea)
Cirsium spp. (native thistles)
Coreopsis spp. (tickseeds)
Dalea candida (white prairie clover)
Dalea purpurea (purple prairie clover)
Echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower)
Eryngium spp. (eryngo)
Euthamia spp. (goldentops)
Eutrochium fistulosum (hollow Joe Pye weed)
Gaillardia pulchella (blanketflower)
Helianthus spp.(sunflowers)
Liatris spp. (blazing stars)
Monarda fistulosa (wild bergamot)
Monarda punctata (spotted bee balm)
Penstemon spp. (beardtongues)
Pycnanthemum spp. (mountain mints)
Ratibida spp (Mexican hat, prairie coneflower)
Salvia spp. (sages)
Silphium spp. (rosinweed, cup plant)
Solidago spp. (goldenrods)
Symphotrichum spp. (asters)
Tradescantia spp. (spiderworts)
Vernonia spp. (ironweeds)

Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

Acer rubrum (red maple)
Amorpha fruticosa (indigo bush)
Ceanothus spp. (New Jersey tea, ceanothus)
Cephalanthus occidentalis (buttonbush)
Cercis canadensis var. texensis (Texas redbud)
Crataegus spp. (hawthorns)
Malus spp. (crabapples)
Philadelphus inodorus (scentless mock orange)
Philadelphus pubescens (hoary mock orange)
Prosopis glandulosa (honey mesquite)
Prunus spp. (cherries, plums)
Rhus spp. (sumacs)
Rosa spp. (roses)
Rubus flagellaris (dewberry)
Salix spp. (willows)
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus (coralberry)
Tilia americana (basswood)
Vaccinium spp. (frakleberry, deerberry, blueberries)
Verbena halei (slender vervain)
Viburnum dentatum (southern arrowwood)
Viburnum prunifolium (blackhaw)

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