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Selection of Published Articles written by Kim Eierman


Why Your Garden Needs a Diverse Selection of Plants for Pollinators

If you aren’t seeing a wide variety of different pollinators in your landscape, it’s likely time to ramp up your plant diversity. Flowering plants have developed a number of traits to attract specific pollinators. Not all pollinators are attracted to, or can utilize, the same type of flowers. Overall plant…

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Dealing With Climate Change in Our Landscapes

The impacts of climate change are irrefutable, but it’s not just about global warming, shrinking polar ice caps and rising sea levels. Climate change is directly impacting our landscapes and the species around us.

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Coping With Climate Change

In times of climate change, gardening has become a speculative affair, more reminiscent of blackjack than a predictable hobby. Learn about the new realities of gardening to lessen the impacts of climate change.

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Early-Blooming Native Trees And Shrubs for Bees

There may still be snow on the ground, but spring is here and soon, a number of our native bee species will be active. As you look at your post-winter landscape, you may wonder where those early bees will find the forage that they need to survive.

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Use Insects, Not Chemicals, to Fight Pests

The dangers of chemical pesticides are well known, and even some organic pesticides can be lethal to sensitive creatures like bees. How, then, can you keep insect pests under control?

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How Insects Survive Winter — And Why That’s A Good Thing

In cold climates, insects seem to disappear when temperatures plummet. So where do they go? Depending on the type of insect, there are different strategies for surviving the cold.

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