Commercial Landscapes


Boost the ecological health of any landscape – get the skill of a horticultural consultant with ecosystem design and native plant knowledge.

Kim Eierman offers consulting & design services for landscape architects, landscape designers & installers, municipalities & corporations in NY & CT.

Horticultural Consulting

  • Site assessment
  • Native and invasive plant inventory
  • Plant community creation and remediation
  • Recommendations of site-appropriate native plants by ecosystem type
  • Identification of existing native plant species
  • Identification and removal recommendations of invasive species
  • Native plant sourcing

Ecological Landscape Analysis & Design

  • Ecosystem identification and recommendations for enhancement
  • Wildlife habitat assessment and recommendations for improvement
  • Ecological landscape design with native plants
  • Broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum projects (pollinator habitats/gardens, bird habitat/gardens, beneficial insect habitats/gardens, rain gardens, riparian buffers, etc.)

Project Management and Support

  • Oversight of landscape installations and renovations
  • Assessment of current landscaping practices and recommendations for cultural improvements
  • Creation of landscape maintenance plans
  • Training of landscaping crews – onsite, classroom and webinars
Kim Eierman
Carpenter Bee on Penstemon

Education and Community Outreach

  • Creation of ecological community gardens
  • Development of educational programs
  • Public speaking on ecological landscape topics
  • Content creation of supporting materials – online, in-print, signage, video production

Expert Courtroom Testimony

An experienced expert witness, Kim Eierman can help you win your case whether you need expert plant identification, ecosystem analysis, assessment of pesticide or invasive plant impact, or landscape valuation for insurance claims.  Kim is credentialed as a Certified Horticulturist with the American Society for Horticultural Science.

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