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Get the expertise you need to turn your landscape into a beautiful, healthy ecosystem with Kim Eierman, native plant expert and ecological consultant.

Contact Kim to:

Design and implement a native landscape with the most appropriate native plants for your site and ecoregion.

Transition a conventional landscape into an ecological oasis.

Create a "Pollinator Victory Garden" to help challenged bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators.


Replace your “green desert” (the lawn) with a meadowscape, filled with life.

Create and implement a restorative native Mini-Forest.

Design a landscape that supports birds with the habitat and food sources they need through every season.

Create a “nativelicious” garden with edible native plants you can eat.

Source the most appropriate regional native plants, properly grown and fairly priced.

Assess your current landscaping practices and recommend changes.

Develop a maintenance plan for you or your landscaper.

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Use for _Transform Your Landscape_ _

Work with your existing landscaper or recommend reliable resources.

Prepare a plant inventory of existing native and/or invasive plants.

Create a plan for invasive plant removal and replacement with natives.

Kim is available for virtual consulting no matter where you live.

Client Testimonial

“Kim has been amazing to work with and truly an indispensable resource. Her knowledge of native plants is encyclopedic. As a beekeeper and gardener trying to turn my “green desert” property into a pollinator paradise, I couldn't have embarked on this project without Kim's expert guidance. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone trying to make their landscape more eco-friendly.”