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Get the inspiration you need to create an ecological oasis with this award-winning environmental landscape expert.

Kim Eierman

Kim is an environmental horticulturist, specializing in ecological landscapes and native plants. She inspires audiences to make simple changes in their landscapes that make huge environmental improvements. Kim is an active speaker nationwide on many ecological topics – as she tells her audiences, "every landscape matters!" 

Kim teaches regularly at:

New York Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Native Plant Center and Rutgers Home Gardeners School

Sample of where Kim has presented:

International Society of Arboriculture, Greenscapes Symposium, Hardy Plant Society, GardenComm, The Garden Conservancy, Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, Native Plant Society of New Jersey, Connecticut Botanical Society, Connecticut Botanical Society, Massachusetts Master Gardener Conference, New England Grows, New York State Turf and Landscape Association, Ecological Landscape Alliance, Midwest Native Plant Society, MGIX, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, SXSW Eco, Philadelphia Flower Show and The Nature of Cities Festival

Kim Eierman

Which plant is the better ecological choice, and why?

Photo Credit: Flickr FD Richards
Photo Credit: Flickr FD Richards
Photo Credit: Flickr FD Richards

Kim's Speaking Topics

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The Pollinator Victory Garden: Winning the War on Pollinator Decline

Creating a Succession of Bloom in the Native Garden

Using Native Trees to Support Pollinators  

Native Pollinators and the Native Plants That Feed Them

Best Native Gardening Practices for Beekeepers

Native Container Gardening for Pollinators


Climate Change

EcoBeneficial Landscape Strategies for Climate Change

Hellstrip & Streetscape Gardening with Native Plants


EcoBeneficial Gardening & Landscaping

EcoBeneficial Landscaping 101

Designing a Healthy Ecosystem Garden

Ecological Workhorse Plants for the Native Garden

Taking Landscapes to the Next Level: From Leveraging Ecosystem Services to Changing Cultural Norms


Native Gardening & Landscaping

Native Landscaping 101

Unlocking the Mysteries of Native Plant Selection: What You Need to Know to Get it Right

Hellstrip & Streetscape Gardening with Native Plants

Intro to Native Plant Communities

Gardening Inspirations from the Smoky Mountains


Native Plants Galore

Creating a Succession of Bloom in the Native Garden

Selecting Native Plants for Fall and Winter Interest & Ecology

Great Native Plants for Containers

Nativelicious: Gardening with Edible and Ornamental Native Plants

Ecological Workhorse Plants for the Native Garden

Native Groundcovers for Beauty, Function, and Ecology

Replacing Invasives: Competitive Native Plants for Challenged Landscapes

Exploring EcoBeneficial Native Herbs

Native Trees for Small Spaces: Big Ecological Benefits in Small Sizes

Native Gardening in the Shade: From Wet to Dry


Meadowscaping & Turf Alternatives 

Meadowscaping at Home: How to Make a Native Meadow

Replacing the Green Desert: Native Plant Alternatives to Turf

Native Groundcovers for Beauty, Function, and Ecology


Small Spaces & Containers

Great Native Plants for Containers

Native Trees for Small Spaces: Big Ecological Benefits in Small Sizes

Hellstrip & Streetscape Gardening with Native Plant

Native Container Gardening for Pollinators


Landscaping for Wildlife

Plant It and They Will Come: Creating a Bird Friendly Landscape

Attracting Nature’s Pest Control: Gardening for Beneficial Insects

Native Gardening to Support Butterflies, Skippers and Moths

Native Pollinators and the Native Plants that Feed Them


Words from the Attendees

"Amazing Speaker, Captivated the Audience. Kim spoke at our Green Steps Expo in Larchmont, NY. The Expo featured expert speakers on a range of environmental subjects, but Kim's presentation may have stolen the show. People (and non-gardeners) who came only to test drive Teslas, stayed to listen to Kim speak on how best to create backyard biodiversity and change the way we think about our lawns. I know everyone who heard her speak came away with a renewed interest in improving (eco-beneficially!) their own gardens and green spaces."

"I had the great pleasure to have Kim Eierman as my table partner at The Garden Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, Ga. What an amazing and personable talent this lady has. Her speaking venues: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY Botanical Garden, should tell you the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Kim's specialties are native plants and ecology, plus she speaks on numerous other horticulture topics....A true 5 star speaker!"

"Inspirational Speaker. Kim is just delightful and thoroughly engaging. She brings her talk to life with profound knowledge, enthusiasm, and visual content! Her topic was Creating a Pollinator Victory Garden. It was a fabulous presentation complete with Eco Beneficial Tips and Recommended Reading handout. Our club members are rhapsodic about Kim Eierman."

"Several well-seasoned zoomers have said it was the best program they have seen. We have had thanks for an “awesome,” and “fantastic” program. But my favorite comment was on chat from someone who reported that, as a result of the program, she is "energized” to get working on her own pollinator garden.  That was why we asked you to present; we knew you would get people excited and on board. Thank you for doing that!"

“We booked Kim for our 9th Annual Author Event, the first by Zoom. Previous speakers have included Doug Tallamy, Rick Darke and Heather Holm, and Kim is in the same league.  Kim was terrific! We heard so many kudos from those who attended.”

Kim was one of our featured speakers at the annual GreenScapes Symposium organized by Montgomery Parks in Maryland. This event attracts more than 900 participants and we received a lot of positive feedback on Kim's presentation. She is a wonderful speaker who brings a wealth of real-world experience to her presentations. I would highly recommend her.


Audience Reviews

“Excellent Speaker. Kim is energetic, passionate and informative. Very professional presentation. I would highly recommend.”

“I have heard Kim speak twice - and each time she was incredibly knowledgeable and, frankly, inspirational! Her presentation for [the group] provided a very comprehensive overview of the native trees, shrubs, and perennials to plant to attract birds - I immediately started taking her advice and now have many birds that frequent my garden!”

“Ms. Eierman did an excellent presentation for [our club] on gardening for beekeepers. The presentation was informative and was specifically created for the topic and our group. We received nothing but positive feedback from our members.”