“Ms. Eierman did an excellent presentation for [our club] on gardening for beekeepers. The presentation was informative and was specifically created for the topic and our group. We received nothing but positive feedback from our members.”

“Several well-seasoned zoomers have said it was the best program they have seen. We have had thanks for an “awesome,” and “fantastic” program. But my favorite comment was on chat from someone who reported that, as a result of the program, she is "energized” to get working on her own pollinator garden. That was why we asked you to present; we knew you would get people excited and on board. Thank you for doing that!”

“Great garden talk. Knowledgeable, passionate speaker Kim has inspired me to garden more 'thoughtfully' by paying attention To the whole garden ecosystem from the ground up.”

“Excellence! I found Kim on the Great Garden Speakers website when I needed to book speakers for my garden club. She is so friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She gave the best talk we ever had, inspiring many of us to try to plant more Eco-beneficially.”

“Kim Eierman is a trove of knowledge about the importance of rediscovering native plants. She is a dynamic speaker who combines information about the "big picture" of gardening with native plants with practical ideas for your own garden.”