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Kim Eierman

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Dr. Doug Tallamy & Black Cherry

Before you pull out that native Black Cherry sapling, watch this interview with Dr. Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home.  Tallamy explains how Black Cherry trees and other Prunus species are valuable host plants to many butterfly caterpillars.  See what’s thriving in Doug’s yard.


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Spotlight on Evergreen Native Rhododendrons

Most garden centers only offer exotic or hybrid selections of evergreen rhododendrons. Why not try some of our native alternatives? Learn more in this short video with Kim Eierman of EcoBeneficial!

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Interview with Dr. Karen Oberhauser of the Monarch Lab

Learn about the threatened Monarch butterfly in this EcoBeneficial interview with Dr. Karen Oberhauser, Director of the Monarch Lab at the University of Minnesota.

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Spotlight on Fringe Tree

Looking for an unusual and beautiful native tree? Check out Fringe Tree in this short video with Kim Eierman of EcoBeneficial.

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