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Easy Native Perennials to Start from Seed: Economical and EcoBeneficial!

Many native perennials need a pre-treatment of some sort in order to germinate (such as chilling, wetting, or abrasion of the seed coat). But, there are some great native plants which can be easily germinated without a pre-treatment. With very fine seeds, make sure not to plant them too deeply – they should be planted near the top of the soil level.

Here are some of our native perennials which are easy to germinate, beautiful in the landscape and which provide tremendous ecological benefits:

  • Agastache foeniculum (Anise Hyssop)
  • Campanula rotundifolia (Harebell)
  • Eupatorium hyssopifolium (Hyssop-Leaved Boneset)
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum (Boneset)
  • Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus (Hollow-Stemmed Joe Pye Weed)
  • Eupatoriadelphus maculatus (Spotted Joe Pye Weed)
  • Gaillardia aristata (Blanket Flower)
  • Helianthus angustifolius (Swamp Sunflower)
  • Helianthus divaricatus (Woodland Sunflower)
  • Heuchera americana (Common Alumroot)
  • Helenium autumnale (Sneezeweed)
  • Heliopsis helianthoides (Oxeye Sunflower)
  • Oenothera fruticosa (Sundrops)
  • Physostegia virginiana (Obedient Plant)
  • Rudbekia hirta (Black-eyed Susan)
  • Rudbeckia triloba (Three-Lobed Coneflower)
  • Sedum ternatum (Wild Stone Crop)
  • Symphyotricum cordifolium (Blue Wood Aster)
  • Symphyotricum laeve (Smooth Blue Aster)
  • Symphyotricum novi-belgii (New York Aster)

And, here are some reliable online sources which sell native plant seeds:

Ernst Conservation Seeds:
Prairie Moon Nursery:
Prairie Nursery:
Shooting Star Native
Project Native:

Happy Germinating from Kim Eierman at EcoBeneficial!

Photo: Campanula rotundifolia (Harebell)
Photo credit: Flickr/Matt Levin