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Invasive Plant

“I find the wild wine much more invasive in our area than the burning bush (the birds brought me one 10 years ago and that is it) the wild wine, while pretty in fall is all over my garden. Also I find much more poison ivy now than ever before…any suggestions?”


Are you referring to Japanese Wineberry? It is quite similar to many of our native brambles, including Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus).  Take a look at this link which shows Japanese Wineberry.

If it is Japanese Wineberry, you can dig it up and pull it out.  Assess the site for the amount of sun and soil moisture you have (ex: full sun and dry soil).  Replace it with competitive native plants which like the same conditions.  Many of our native brambles would be very happy if you have plenty of sun.  If you let me know what conditions you have, I can make some suggestions.

As far as Poison Ivy is concerned, although it is annoying to us, it is a native vine which provides valuable berries for birds.  I pull it out of any areas I am working in, and leave it alone where I won’t come into contact with it.  It is easy to pull if you get it when it is young; the large, mature vines can be substantial and very hard to cut.   Prepare for battle and wear a long-sleeved shirt and long rubber gloves if you are sensitive to it, as I am.  Make sure never to burn poison ivy – the fumes are quite toxic.

Hope that helps!



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