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Why So Much Damage on My White Pines?

I have a row of White Pines planted by the road in my front yard. This spring they look terrible.  Is there anything I can do? Answer: Roadside plantings can be difficult for many reasons. Some of the biggest challenges include the impact of road salts in winter, pollutants from…

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Is Red Morning Glory a Beneficial Plant?

Is Ipomoea coccinea (Red Morning Glory) beneficial to a wildlife garden in central NC? Answer: Hummingbirds are certainly attracted to the red tubular flowers of Red Morning Glory, and butterflies are also known to visit.  But there is a caveat when considering this plant for a wildlife garden.  Many sources,…

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How Can I Attract Painted Buntings?

I’m trying to attract Painted Buntings – they used to come to my yard but evidently whatever they liked to eat is no longer growing here. Answer: Thanks for your question. You are fortunate to live in part of the country where you get to see these wonderful birds.  Their…

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Bird-Friendly Plants for Cape Cod?

I live one mile from the ocean on Cape Cod and would like to know what to plant to attract the greatest variety of birds.  There is a lot of lawn around me and some trees, and ornamental foundation shrubs here and there.  It looks more suburban than coastal scrub.…

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How Can I Create an Ecological Landscape in Pennsylvania

I want to create an ecological landscape in Pennsylvania on 4 acres of land.  How can I get started? Answer: Thanks for your question.  You have an opportunity to made a tremendous positive impact with 4 acres.   The first order of business is to do a site analysis.  A good…

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What Wildflower Seedlings Can I Start Indoors?

I would like to start wildflower seedlings indoors for this Spring’s plantings in the Midwest, but I have heard some wildflowers won’t do well as seedlings.   Any advice in this matter would be great. Answer: Thanks for your question.  Some native wildflowers are much easier than others to start…

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