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Interview with Dr. Robert Costanza on the $ Value of Ecosystem Services

Ever wonder what the environment is really worth in actual dollars?   Dr. Robert Costanza, a world-renowned ecological economist and trans-disciplinary scientist at the Australian National University has been researching this and other critical questions for many years.  Join Kim Eierman for her interview with Dr. Costanza and learn what ecosystem services are worth and why ecological economics are key to our survival.

Robert Costanza

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Interview with Dr. Doug Landis – New Research on Beneficial Insects & Native Plants

Wondering which native plants are most attractive to beneficial insects? Join Kim Eierman as she talks with Dr. Doug Landis about his latest research at Michigan State University. Dr. Landis is Professor of Insect Ecology and Biological Control at MSU and Director of the Landis Lab.

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Interview on Natural Enemies With Dan Gibson of the Landis Lab

Why use harmful pesticides when you can attract the beneficial insects that perform nature’s pest control? Kim Eierman of EcoBeneficial talks with Dan Gibson of the Landis Lab at Michigan State University, where important research is taking place on beneficial insects.

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Monarch Butterflies with Dr. Karen Oberhauser of the Monarch Lab

A leading expert on Monarchs, Dr. Karen Oberhauser, Director of the Monarch Lab at the University of Minnesota, shares the latest information on Monarch butterflies in this EcoBeneficial interview.  

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