Kim Eierman interviews leading experts on environmental topics


Are Native Cultivars Ecologically Beneficial? Interview With Dr. Doug Tallamy

Ground breaking research being conducted by Dr. Doug Tallamy seeks to answer the important question:  Do cultivars of native trees and shrubs have the same ecological benefits as straight species natives?  Learn more in this interview with Kim Eierman and Dr. Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home.

Joan O'Shaughnessy at Chicago Botanic Garden

Prairie Habitats at Chicago Botanic Garden: Interview with Ecologist Joan O’Shaughnessy

Learn how prairies and flood plains are managed at Chicago Botanic Garden and how you can apply these concepts in your own landscape.


Growing Local Native Plants at Earth Tones Native Nursery

Do locally-sourced, locally-grown plants matter in your landscape?  Absolutely!  Learn how Earth Tones Native Plant Nursery is doing it right (and why it matters!).


Eco-Lessons from the Farm: Meadows for Pollinators

How does River Berry Farm support pollinators and beneficial insects? Find out in this EcoBeneficial interview with Jane Sorensen co-owner of the organic River Berry Farm.  


How to Plant a Bog Garden with David R. Clark

Learn how to save endangered native bog plants by planting a bog garden at home. Horticulturist and bog expert David R. Clark explains how.


Exploring Mayapple with Carol Gracie

Mayapple is not only a great ground cover but a food source for box turtles. Learn more in this interview!