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Cornell Ornithology Lab’s “All About Birds”

If you like to garden, then you probably like birds.  But, do you always know what birds are visiting your garden and what they need to survive?

Once in a while a feathered visitor might appear that you have never seen before.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could find an online resource to help you identify these creatures and figure out what they need in your landscape?

Look no further.  The Cornell Ornithology Lab’s “All About Birds” database is at your fingertips. This terrific site allows you to search birds by shape or by name, and learn about each feathered wonder.

You will discover the key identification points for each bird, including:

–      Size and Shape
–      Color Pattern
–      Behavior
–      Field Marks
–      Similar Species
–      Regional Differences

A helpful selection of photos is included, showing both adult and juvenile phases, as well as photos of similar species, so you can tell the difference.

Another section explains issues relating to life history, including:

–       Habitat
–       Food
–       Nesting
–       Conservation

Finally, the site gives you both sound clips and video, so you have a clear idea as to how each bird looks and sounds.

You can find this great resource at:



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