Published Articles

Selection of Published Articles written by Kim Eierman


“Be An Ecological Steward In Your Own Landscape”

The wildlife activity, or lack of it, in our yards can tell us a lot about the ecological health of our landscapes. Take a look right now. Do you have an abundance of birds finding the late winter foods they need, like the persistent fruits of Eastern Redcedar, Winterberry, Northern…

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“Provide Water, Natural Foods To Help Birds Endure Winter”

Not all birds overwinter in our region – many migrate South for the winter. The birds that do stay year-round can face stark conditions in cold weather. You can help them in your landscape, and in ways you may not have considered.

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“Feed Birds With Your Yard In The Fall”

Many of our native plants provide nutritious food for migrating and overwintering birds. Learn which plants you can use in your own yard to feed these hungry birds.

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“Plant Late Season Plants for Pollinators”

Fall is a great time to plant and pollinators need your help.  Discover some late-blooming plants that you can include in your landscape for bees and other pollinators.

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“Reap Spring Rewards With Fall Planting”

Fall is here and it’s a great time for planting.  Learn how to get best results with these handy tips.

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“Beyond the Basics – Gardening for Butterflies”

Concerned about the low numbers of butterflies you are seeing? Attract and support challenged butterflies, skippers and moths with tips from this 3-part series. Daily Voice, “Beyond the Basics: Gardening for Butterflies” August 3, 2016

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