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Kim Eierman

Kim Eierman

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Interview with Dr. Doug Landis – New Research on Beneficial Insects & Native Plants

Wondering which plants are most attractive to beneficial insects? Join Kim Eierman as she talks with Dr. Doug Landis about his latest research on beneficial insects and native plants. Dr. Landis is Professor of Insect Ecology and Biological Control at Michigan State University and Director of the Landis Lab.

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Value to Pollinators: Native Cultivars vs. True Natives

Are native cultivars as valuable to pollinators as true native plants? Annie White, a Ph.D. student at the Univ. of Vermont, is the first person to conduct research on this important issue.

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Non-GMO Corn and Pollinators

Pick up some tips on planting for pollinators and organic planting strategies from Jane Sorensen of River Berry Farm.

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Native Plants for a Shade Garden

Increase the visual interest in your native shade garden with these beneficial native plants.

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