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EcoBeneficial tips and interviews with leaders in the "green industry"


Marvelous Mayapple with Carol Gracie

Looking for great native ground cover? Author and naturalist, Carol Gracie explores Mayapple and its ecology with Kim Eierman of EcoBeneficial!


Bog Gardening with Ron Determann of Atlanta Botanical Garden

Native bogs and bog plants are rapidly disappearing. Learn more about bog gardening as Kim Eierman interviews Ron Determann, VP of Conservatories at Atlanta Botanical Garden about bogs and their fascinating plants.


Dr. Doug Tallamy & Black Cherry

Before you pull out that native Black Cherry sapling, watch this interview with Dr. Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home.  Tallamy explains how Black Cherry trees and other Prunus species are valuable host plants to many butterfly caterpillars.  See what’s thriving in Doug’s yard.  


Going Pesticide-Free for Pollinators

John Hayden, co-owner of The Farm Between, talks with Kim Eierman of EcoBeneficial! on how, and why, to go pesticide-free in any landscape.


Pollinators of Native Plants with Heather Holm

Kim Eierman of EcoBeneficial! talks with Heather Holm about her terrific new book: Pollinators of Native Plants: Attract, Observe and Identify Pollinators and Beneficial Insects with Native Plants.


Anise Hyssop & Pollinators – Native vs. “Nativar”

Anise Hyssop is a great pollinator plant, but is a cultivar equal to the true native? Annie White’s research examines these plants, and many other native perennials, for their value to pollinators.