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What Wildflower Seedlings Can I Start Indoors?

I would like to start wildflower seedlings indoors for this Spring’s plantings in the Midwest, but I have heard some wildflowers won’t do well as seedlings.   Any advice in this matter would be great.


Thanks for your question.  Some native wildflowers are much easier than others to start from seed;  many require a pre-treatment.  Here is a link to information on some of the easiest native perennials to start from seed.

Prairie Moon Nursery in Winona, Minnesota also provides some helpful information on their website on how to germinate native seeds and native perennial species that do not require a pre-treatment.  If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, Prairie Moon also gives germination codes for every species of native seed which they sell.  Once you know the germination code, specific germination instructions are available in their guide on how to germinate native seeds.

There is some very good information on the germination of specific plants in Bill Cullina’s book: Wildflowers: A Guide to Growing and Propagating Native Flowers of North America.

Hope that helps.  Thanks for writing in!


Kim Eierman at EcoBeneficial!

Photo: Milkweed seed (which may germinate without a pre-treatment)
Photo credit: ETCphoto_Flickr


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